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Commercial Concrete Contractor

Concrete Construction

Looking for a reputable commercial cement contractor in the Shenandoah Valley? Red Rock Concrete provides high quality work so we end up with a satisfied customer. Happy customers make us happy. We offer you free estimates and after the estimate, we follow up with superior service and on-time delivery of projects. We realize the importance of dependable team members and professional expertise when it comes to utilizing a commercial concrete company. You can expect a great experience when you trust your concrete work to Red Rock Concrete.
Concrete Flatwork

Concrete Services

We offer a comprehensive list of commercial concrete services.
- Driveways for Homes or Businesses
- Walkways
- Loading Docks for Warehouses
- Parking Lots or Parking Pads
- Warehouse Floors
- Sidewalks for New or Existing Businesses
- Pool Surrounds
- Stem Walls
- Monolithic Foundations
- Concrete Footings

Re-surfacing Concrete

If you need a company who specializes in resurfacing concrete, give Red Rock Concrete a call at 540-405-2269. Concrete resurfacing can make outdated or damaged cement look new again. Curb appeal is an important part of a successful business, so let us help improve the aesthetics of your property. We can apply a cement coating over the existing surface, which may be damaged or discolored. This can be done on a variety of surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, indoor floors or walkways around your business. We can help with ideas and information for any of your resurfacing needs when it is time for a makeover. Make that worn out patio the favorite part of your home!

Concrete Construction

Red Rock is a commercial concrete company serving the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas. If you need someone to pour a concrete slab for an existing or new business or home, we offer free estimates, high quality work and comprehensive services. Trust the concrete construction you need performed to our group of trained, competent craftsmen. We will execute your construction project as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our relationship with our customers is an important part of who we are. You can expect a hassle free experience with the job you entrusted to us. You can expect it to be done in a timely, safe manner. Learn more about the options we offer to you, our customer. Whether it is a large scale project or a small repair job, we are all about pleasing you and turning you into another of our satisfied customers.

Concrete Slabs

When you need a concrete sub contractor, call Red Rock Concrete at 540-405-2269. If you need it done, we can execute your plans and ideas for the perfect conclusion to your construction project. We are the local concrete contractors that will get the work done for you! Learn more about the quality of work you can expect with the concrete services we offer. We can assist you from every stage, from planning to construction to finish work and clean-up. We will help ensure that the needs of our clients are met by completing your construction on time and on budget. We want you to be completely satisfied.